Pick / Put to Light Systems

The ANTARES PTL System features easily visible lights that directs the operator to the item location along with the number of items to be picked. After picking up the item, the operator confirms the transaction by pressing a button.

It proves to be one of the simplest and the most elegant addition to any warehousing process. Named after a star in the galaxy, our Pick / Put to Light system appears no less than a constellation of stars in your warehouse

It bridges the gap between the WMS and the operators on the floor in a concise paperless manner. This solution doesn’t replace the operator with technology, rather it equips them with technology.

This is a unique approach to optimize the warehousing operations by simply guiding the operator by illumination!

  • Ease of Use: Compared to traditional picking, training time can be reduced to 60-70%
  • Save Labour Costs: Fewer walking, lesser paper works, multiple picking; all these lead to 60% reduction in labour cost
  • System Integration: Can be installed as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with WMS
  • Great Accuracy: Highly accurate picking. Error rate can be reduced to approx. 0.01%
  • Increased Efficiency: Minimum walking, faster picking, better coordination. The result is increase in efficiency
  • Advanced Analytics: Picking rates, accuracy, performance, fulfillment rate and other metrics can be tracked
  • Digital records: Say bye bye to paper based reports. All the reports are saved within the system digitally and you can retrieve the data whenever you need
  • Great Customer Service: Lesser picking errors, faster processing, higher order fulfillment rates; results happy customers
Software for Picking Management
Antares can be fruitful in storage operation as there becomes absolutely no scope of manual counting error or any chances of loss or mishandling. Once the operator scans the barcode of the SKU, he is guided to the location allocated by the WMS system whose constraint is defined as per the operation. In doing so, the WMS is completely aware of every item’s availability and location, thereby making the process of committing to the customer easy and fulfilling the order fast.
  • Can be easily integrated with your WMS / ERP system
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Simple web based application, can be accessed from anywhere
  • Detailed report with sortings and filtrers, can be exported to excel
  • Real time data with notifications, mails and warning messages
Software for Picking Management
Pick / Put to Light Systems
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