Forklift Weighing Scale

50-5000KG capacity fairly easy to use small size, smart functions Forklift Weighing Scale.

Product Code A1-WL
Capacity(kg) 50-5000
Accuracy Class 99%
Scale Division(kg) 1
Max. Deviation 1%
Assessing Weight Divison(kg) 100
Size(mm) 290*120*140
Working Voltage 12-36V
Working Temperature —20℃—65℃
Protection Class IP53
Sensor Alloy Steel
Sensor Working Temperature —20℃—65℃
Sensor Protection Class IP67
Sensor-MainControl Connecting WIRELESS
Applicable Forklift Mast With Freelifting(Duplex & Triplex)
Display Module Frame ABS Alloy
Display Module Protection Class IP64
Display Color LCD
Screen Size(mm) 73*50(3.5”)
Display Type TFT
Button Silicone Gel
Data Box Size(mm) 130*65*23
Data Box Connecting Way WIRELESS
Applicable Forklift Mast Without Freelifting(Duplex)
Built-In Printer Lable Thermal
Lable Size(mm) 54*35
Built-In Protection Class IP41
Packing Weight(kg 7.5
Packing Size(cm) 35*25*21


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