Strapping Rolls

Strapping Rolls

Polypropelyene Straps and bands are called PP straps ad PP bands. Made from plastic, steel, paper, or fabric, PP Straps secure items during shipping or storage. Hand-made or machine-made, PP Straps made of polypropylene are suitable for securing lightweight bundles, boxes, cases, parcels and palletized loads. PP Straps and bands are additionally secured either manually or automatically using machines manufactured especially for this purpose. Straps in steel are designed for heavier, palletized loads; plywood cases and

Wooden crates; and sharp-edged objects. Stainless steel strap and bands are also corrosion-resistant. Straps ad bands made out of polyester are called PET strap. Pet Straps are much cheaper and rust resistance when compared to stainless steel strap and bands.

Product Name Yellow PP Strapping Rolls Food Grade Quality
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Size 12mm Width x 0.65mm thick x 8.70kg NW, core ID200mm x G.W.9.20kg


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