Manual Stackers

ATCOLIFT Manual Stackers: Simple, Reliable, and Economical
ATCOLIFT presents their exceptional Manual Stackers, designed to meet your basic material handling needs with ease. These stackers are the perfect economical choice for light-duty working conditions, offering a reliable solution for a variety of applications.

With capacities ranging from 1000 kg to 2000 kg and lift heights spanning 1600 mm to 3000 mm, ATCOLIFT Manual Stackers provide the versatility required to handle different load sizes and heights.

Experience the simplicity and agility of ATCOLIFT's product design, allowing for easy operation and maneuverability. These stackers are built with reliability in mind, ensuring they can efficiently handle your material handling tasks.

Trust ATCOLIFT, a reputable company/brand known for their commitment to quality, to provide you with reliable and cost-effective Manual Stackers. Choose ATCOLIFT and elevate your material handling efficiency today.

Product Code AHS1016AGN AHS1030N AHS1016N AHS2016N
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Capacity (Kg) 1000 1000 1000 2000
Lifting height (mm) 1600 3000   1500
Load center (Kg) 500 575 400 400
Fork length (mm) 915 1150 900 900
Fork Width (mm) 100   950/220-900  
Outer width of forks (mm) 220-850      
Overall Length (mm) 1420   1380  
Overall Width (mm) 1100-1370   1000  
Overall Height (mm) 2020      
Shipping Weight (kg) 350   250  
  • Adjustable forged fork, with brake, protection net
  • Compact vehicle design provides exceptional maneuverability in tight areas
  • Manual/foot lifting, foot lowering


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