Packaging Machine for Preformed PAPER Bags (0.5 – 2kg)

Packaging Machine for Preformed PAPER Bags (0.5 – 2kg) Made in Italy

Product Code P25 FZ
Dimensions empty bags Minimum: A70 B50 H220; Maximum: 140 B90 H390
Output > cycles per minute Kg 0.5/1 -> 22/25
Installed Power Kw 7
Compressor required 200 nl/min - 6 bar
Colori standard RAL 1015 and panel RAL 1033
Dimensions of empty bags
  • P25 FZ Low Capacity Packaging Machine For Preformed Paper Bags, is the medium capacity line (from 0.5 to 2 kg) to fill and close preformed paper bags for granular and powder products.
  • The machine works In linear mode, completely mechanically without the help of vacuum pumps or suction caps.
  • The dosing units systems are completely electronically controlled according to the latest technologies.
  • The line is fitted with electronic check weighing system and feedback control.
  • The picking of the empty bags and their opening are due to a vacuum generated by a simple air turbine.
  • The movement of the filled bags is positioned onto a vibrating channel that allows the exact filling.
  • Before the closure, there is another check-weight control.
  • The wrong weight bag is automatically ejected.
  • The closure can be executed in different ways (hot melt, hot sealing, labeling or seaming). At the end of the line, the bags are folded, pressed and closed with the printing of data and production lot.
  • We can also supply lines complete with weight control systems, automatic bundling machine with heat-shrinking ovens, transport and palletization for single bags or sachets.


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