High Capacity Packaging Machine for Preformed PAPER Bags (0.5 – 2kg)

High Capacity Packaging Machine for Preformed PAPER Bags (0.5 – 2kg) Made in Italy

P82 FZ High Capacity Packaging Machine For Preformed Paper Bags, is the technological innovation in the field of packaging for dusty products and granular of the modern times. The automatic New Project packaging machines are designed to meet Your production end investment needs with preformed paper bags with the square bottom from 0.5-2Kgs.
  • Simple to use, of strong construction and reliable.
  • Operation with cams without aid of vacuum pumps and suckers.
  • Bath oil lubrification of principal mechanisms.
  • Withdrawal of the empty bags from the store with special system of aspiration using high potential air turbines.
  • Innovative electronic dosing systems by auger feeder or telescopic cups.
  • Extraction screw system and withdrawal of below product to the filling phase to grant an accurate cleaning of the line.
  • Mechanical step by step bags advancement.
  • Double scrapper for the restoration of paper bags.
  • Trimming of the excess paper with conveying channel and collecting system.
  • Paper bag folding and glueing by means of hot glue and mechanic glue roller.
  • System of pressing and application of the production date and lot number.
Product Code P82 FZ
Dimensions empty bags Minimum: A70 B50 H220; Maximum: A130 B90 H390
Output > cycles per minute Kg 0.5/1 - 75/80; Kg 2/2.5 - 40/45
Installed Power Kw 11
Compressor required 250 nl/min - 6 bar
Colori standard RAL 1015 and panel RAL 1033
Weight 3,000KG
Dimensions of empty bags


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