Grilling is a natural way of cooking. The gas version, for very natural and healthy grilling to enhance the best sensorial features of the food, with improved elimination of the fats for much healthier eating. The burners are easily accessible above a large removable stainless steel tank filled with water. The water in the tank beneath the cooking surface means the food stays tender, and also helps reduce smoke and collects the fat drips. All the components can be completely removed, and the heating element can be lifted for total cleaning in the tank beneath.

Lava stones recreate traditional grilling with a more precise control of temperatures, easier cleaning and more safety for the operator. The incline makes fat flow away naturally to a large collection drawer. The grill is entirely made in cast iron, with a shape that creates a large surface ideal for any type of food (meat, fish or vegetables).

Product Line: 700mm Depth | 900 mm Depth
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