Electric Drum Stackers

Electric Drum Stackers

ALYL420: Power Drive, Lift, Tilt 420kg Load capacity drums, Rider Type, 2400mm Lifting height

Product Code   ALYL420
Drive type / Electric
Operating type / Standing steer type
Load capacity kg 420
Lifting height mm 2400
Total height mm 1860
Total length mm 2270
Total width mm 1170
Turning radius mm 2150
Max.Grade ability(fully-loaded/no-load) %  3/5
Driving wheel size mm Ø250*80
Tire / Polyurethane
Brake type / Electromagnetic braking
Drive motor power kw 1.2
Lifting motor power kw 2.2
Noise level db(A) <70
Battery voltage/capacity  V/Ah 24/210
Charger V/A 24/30
Net weight kg 1100
Drum rotating range ° 135°

ALYL300: Power Drum Dumper Steel & Plastic, 300kg Load Capacity X 2000mm Lifting Height

Product Code ALYL300
Load capacity kg 300
Wheel size mm Ø150*50(front) / Ø100*50(Rear)
Inside/outside width of support leg mm 800(inside) / 930(outside)
Turning radius mm 1750
Pump station power kw/h 0.8
Battery Ah/V 100ah/12v
Lifting height mm 2000(upright drum) / 2090(horizontal drum)
Lifting speed mm/s 120
Acceptable drym size mm Ø570-600
Overall size mm 1560*1040*1470
Net weight kg 220

ALYL450 ALYL450-1
ALYL450: Semielec Drum Lifter Tilter 450kg Load Capacity X 2300mm Lifting Height

ALYL450-1: ALYL450 Electric Drum Stacker with Weighing Function

Product Code ALYL450 ALYL450-1
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Load capacity kg 450
Net weight kg 343 355
Wheel dimension mm Ø80*55/Ø150*50
Inner/Outer Width of Front Leg mm 630/810
Outline Dimension mm 1600*950*1920
Turning radius mm 1620
Pump Unit Power kw/h 1.6
Battery Ah/V 120/12
Lifting Height mm 2300
Lifting Speed mm/s 120


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