Economic Electric Pallet Truck

Economic Electric Pallet Truck

Its compact design with its light service weight and small turning radius allows it to be used in confined space such as elevators, trailers, containers, as well as retail stores or mezzanine warehouses.
Product Code ALPTE15X
Operator type Pedestrian
Load Capacity / rated load Q (t) 1.5
Load centre distance c (mm) 600
Load distance ,centre of drive axle to fork x (mm) 947
Wheelbase y (mm) 1270
Service weight kg 165
Axle loading, laden front/rear kg 610/1055
Axle loading, unladen front/rear kg 128/37
Tread, front b10 (mm) 420
Tread, rear b11 (mm) 380
Lift h3 (mm) 115
Height of tiller in drive position min./ max. h14 (mm) 840 / 1260
Height, lowered h13 (mm) 85
Overall length l1 (mm) 1650
Length to face of forks l2 (mm) 501
Overall width b1 (mm) 540
Fork dimensions s/e/l (mm) 48/160/1150
Distance between fork- arms b5 (mm) 540
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 (mm) 37
Turning radius Wa (mm) 1450
Type of drive control AC speed Control
  • Skeleton Design
  • Open Structure
  • The Easiest Battery Exchange
  • Great Braking Performance
  • Excellent Climbing Performance
  • Great Speed & Efficiency
  • Multiple Use Methods


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