Double Side Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

Double Side Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

This machine is PLC based and is used for the surface labeling of square, flat & round objects in such industries as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, oil, cosmetics etc. This machine comes with an optional wrap-around device, to enable both round and flat bottles to be labeled on a single labeling machine. The machine is SERVO motor based and used the PANASONIC servo motor and servo drives & MITSUBISHI synchronous belts.

Product Code AMC-DS
Drive Servo motor driven
Direction Right or Left
Label Speed 80-200 pcs/min
Label Size (mm) H: 15-150  L:15-300
Label Core (mm) Standard 75
Label Roll (mm) Max 300
Power Supply  AC110/220V 50/60Hz 2500W
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 2800 x 1300 x 1500
Precision (mm) ±1
Product Tags:

Bottle Labeling


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